Pre-School (Baby Bird) Program

·        Gymnastics is a terrific sport for children to start early. 

·        We emphasize having fun in our classes because children learn better when they have fun learning.   

·        All our coaches are USAG safety certified and care about your child.  

·        Whether your child is interested in gymnastics for fun, or has an ambition in the sport, we are in the business to help her/him reach the goal.  

·        The benefits of gymnastics training last a lifetime.  

·        Start early, excel early!   

·        Maximum student/teach ratio: 6:1    

Gymnastics is a fun activity, enjoyed by the entire family.  For our younger students we ask the parents assist and participate with their children in class.

Gymnastics is a journey of discovery.  Children discover the fun of body movement, beginning with running, climbing, hopping, jumping, and sliding.  These experiences develop in each child a sense of accomplishment, build balance and spatial skills, and assist in the development of self confidence.  We teach beginning social skills: listening, following directions, sharing and taking turns along with other children. Children learn to have respect, patience, and self- control and develop their concentration and sequential memorization skills.

As part of our gymnastic regime we introduce to each child, in a progressive format, the same skills used by the Olympic gymnasts.  We teach the basic, simple skills through the advanced techniques used at the highest levels of competitive gymnastics.

An integral part of our well-developed and organized regime is a personal assessment of your child’s development and then their placement in the appropriate level of gymnastic activity (our school age recreational programs, or our pre-team program if they are interested in competitive gymnastics).



We have a sister program at two Odenton children daycare centers. We bring a little gym to the children there one a week, saving parents time. 

Noah's Ark Daycare Center      

Kidz, Ink Academy of Early Academics



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