The Early-bird Gymnastics programs in daycare

Is my child too young for gymnastics?

No. If your child can walk, he/she can start learning gymnastics skills.
There is no consensus on the best age to start. Many parents begin enrolling their children in gymnastics classes classes when they are 18 months old. Some gyms have programs beginning at 4 months. Early training in gymnastics puts your child ahead of the game, both in sport and life. It benefits child development physically and mentally.

Why is our Early-Bird program for you?

  • We bring a little gym to your child's activity room.
  • No need for your to drive around to a gym. It saves your time.
  • Your child will have more fun in her/his old room.
  • Daycare staff will assist in the class. Your child will feel comfortable.
  • Your child will socialize and lean new skills with her/his friends together.

What is my child going to learn?

  • Gross motor developmental skills.
  • Basic gymnastic skills.
  • Body awareness and flexibility.
  • Balance and strength.
  • Follow directions and rules.
  • Take turns, play and share with others.
  • Self-confidence.

Is it safe for my child?

Yes, it is very safe, though risk is inherited in very sport. We do everything to minimize the risk.

  • Safety is our number-one concern.
  • Basic gymnastic skills.
  • Our curriculum is designed for your child with safety as top priority.
  • We are professionals and hold USGA safety certificates.
  • We use equipments made by reputalbe American manufacturers.
  • We teach your child according to her/his ability and progress gradually as your child learns and grows.
  • Classes are taught with a teacher/student ratio not exceeding 1-8.

What will my child do in class?

  • Activities at a level and pace appropriate for her/his age.
  • Include climbing, hopping, jumping, sliding, running, sporting, holding, balancing, rolling, and tumbling.
  • Use gymnastics equipments for her/his age, such as little bar, beam, octagon, and incline mat.


How does it work?

  • Use the registration form to enroll your child.
  • Make monthly tuition payment.
  • If starting after the first week of the month, tuition is pro-rated.
  • No refund after the first class.
  • Class lasts 45 minutes, once a week.
  • We bring equipments and set up for each class.
  • Daycare staff takes your child to the class and assist with the class.
  • No classes if daycare is closes.








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